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广东36选7开奖 www.z0rp.cn Lying in the centre of China, southeastern Shaanxi Province, Ankang is both the starting point of the Ancient Silk Road and an area for silk and tea production. With a history of five thousand years of mulberry tree planting and silk breeding, its silk and tea products are being continuously exported to diverse countries along the way since the commence of Silk Road in Asia and Europe two thousand years ago. ...+MORE

Located in the transition belt between the south and north of China, where Mt. Qinling is to its north and Mt. Bashan to its south, Ankang covers an area of 23,500 km2 and has a population of 3,050,000. The city possesses marvelous scenery with magnificent mountains, charming lakes and exquisite karst caves. With a humid and mild climate, four distinguishing seasons, Ankang enjoys a 65% of forest coverage. Moreover, relying on its affluent biodiversity, the city has been one of the most concentration areas of rare species including animals and plants, widely known as Pearl of Mt. Qinling and Mt. Bashan. Animals and plants with assorted types especially rare species such as pandas, golden monkeys, Asian crested ibises and takins reside here. ...+MORE

Ankang, with its name indicating eternal health, peace and prosperity, enjoys affluent water resource. As the cradle of the Chinese nation culture, Hanjiang River flows 340km long where the brilliant Han nation culture and Chinese characters originate. The city’s annual precipitation is 1050mm in average. There are 941 rivers with more than 5km2’s drainage area, with 3710m3 freshwater per capita. Meanwhile, Ankang is a significant water source in the middle route of Water Diversion Project. As for historical human landscape, the city is the hometown of Huairang, one of the most famous Buddist monks. Besides, Shen Yinmo, Shen Siyuan and Shen Jiansi, three distinguished masters of the New Culture Movement, were born and fostered here. ...+MORE

As an ideal place for leisure and vacation, Ankang is endowed with substantial tourist resources as well as its biological resources. So far it has eight 4A national tourist scenic spots such as the Ying Lake Eco-tourism Scenic Area and National Forest Park of Nangong. Above all its selenium reserve is incomparable and can be found rich in approximately two thirds of the soil, 54% of which has medium-content selenium. Ankang municipality has been accelerating the comprehensive development of selenium-rich products in recent years such as tea, konjac, grain, oil, water and other healthy products. By now the city has built an ecological selenium-rich industrial base of 300,000 hectares and is endeavouring to become Selenium Valley of China. ...广东36选7开奖

Ankang will consistently benefit from its location as its means of transportation continues to develop. The city is equipped with three railways and four expressways at present while its airport and Xi-Cheng high speed railway are under construction. The next five years will see a network of comprehensive transportation functioning comprising of expressway, high speed railway, shipping and aviation, all of which promote the city to be a transportation hub and a logistics centre connecting Xi’an, Chongqing, Wuhan and Chengdu. ...+MORE

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